How PayPal is helping UK businesses establish customer trust and optimise spend

Shoppers expect fast and easy checkout experiences,1 and it’s up to businesses to adapt — or fail. Yet, it can be difficult to quantify the benefits of delivering a positive customer experience.

In late 2023, PayPal commissioned Nielsen to measure PayPal’s impact on conversion, spend, and customer experience across 182 large UK enterprises and 4,037 UK shoppers. Nielsen found that PayPal may help large enterprises establish trust, optimise conversion, and increase overall spending, all while delivering positive customer experiences

UK customers’ trust in PayPal checkout can help drive growth.

Businesses that use PayPal can tap into solutions that customers trust.2 Surveyed PayPal customers chose to complete online purchases with PayPal over other alternative checkout methods because of their trust in the brand (61%),3 the checkout speed (54%),4 and the simple payment experience (50%).5

This customer confidence may translate into increased conversion. Amongst large enterprises surveyed, PayPal helped improve conversion rates by an average of 35%.6 Shoppers who pay with PayPal may complete more purchases than they originally intended, with surveyed large enterprises reporting an average conversion lift of 10% over alternative checkout methods.7

PayPal helps increase conversions and unplanned purchases in these verticals:

  • Retail: A 50% increase in conversion rates.8
  • Clothing and fashion: A 42% increase in conversion rates.9
  • Entertainment and leisure: A 42% increase in conversion rates,10 and a 17% increase in unplanned purchases.11
  • Health and beauty businesses: A 35% increase in conversion rates,12 and a 15% increase in unplanned purchases.13
  • Travel and transportation: A 31% increase in conversion rates.14
  • Grocery: A 14% increase in conversion rates,15 and a 34% increase in unplanned purchases.16
  • Quick-service restaurants (QSR)/food delivery: A 10% increase in conversion rates.17

Trusted relationships. More spend.

When shoppers trust their chosen payment methods, it can encourage them to buy. Of the customers we surveyed, 40% said that using PayPal to make purchases on large enterprise websites gave them confidence that their payment information was safe and secure.18

PayPal’s trusted relationships with customers may translate into more sales for large enterprises that rely on the payments platform. In fact, PayPal users buy 34% more frequently from large enterprises than do other digital buyers.19

PayPal may help deliver positive purchase experiences.

Businesses that deliver preferred payment experiences may earn more sales today — and more repeat customers tomorrow.

Shoppers may be attracted to PayPal for its seamless, differentiated checkout experience, and may abandon their carts when PayPal isn’t an option.20 Of customers surveyed, 50% identified PayPal as the simplest way to pay on large enterprise websites, compared to other checkout methods.21 Reimagining checkout may help reduce checkout abandonment and drive conversion and sales.

These positive experiences can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Of PayPal users surveyed, 61% said paying with PayPal had a positive impact on their overall experience, a 25% uplift over alternative checkout methods.22

PayPal usage can drive a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) in several industries, including a lift of 14 percentage points for grocery,23 10 percentage points for health and beauty,24 and 4 percentage points for entertainment and leisure.25

UK customers can turn to PayPal for the checkout experiences they want.

Customers get rapid checkout, minimal clicks, and a preferred way to pay with PayPal — and what shopper doesn’t want that? By delivering a fast and easy checkout experience — online and in person — PayPal is delighting customers with positive shopping experiences that help drive sales. Businesses benefit from improved conversion,26 increased customer spend,27 and a higher levels of customer satisfaction.28

Read our latest report here.

Preferred payment methods matter: The PayPal impact (PDF)

Preferred payment methods matter: The PayPal impact (PDF)

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