A checkout solution built for success

Offer your customer the most popular payment methods

Help keep your customers happy with a wide range of digital payment options, including direct card processing, Apple Pay, Google Pay™, and Pay in 3.1

One easy payments package

Don’t juggle multiple providers – offer the digital payment options your customers prefer, and manage them all in one place.

Optimise your online checkout

Help increase successful transactions with our secure vaulting technology that lets your customer save their payment details for next time. Plus enjoy our enhanced security with fraud and risk management tools.

Easy accessibility

PayPal Complete Payments is used around the world and available on popular ecommerce platforms.

Bring all your payment methods together in one account.

Propose PayPal alongside some of the most popular payment methods to help drive conversion at checkout and reduce cart abandonment.

PayPal payments

Our all-in-one payments solution lets you offer PayPal, Pay in 3,1 and more to help maximise conversion.


Our brand recognition helps give customers the confidence to buy.

62% average increase in checkout conversion for SMB merchants who use PayPal.2

Pay in 3

Offer an instalment payment option and get paid upfront—at no extra cost to you.

60% higher Average Order Values with PayPal Pay in 3 relative to standard PayPal Average Order Values.3

Help boost sales with PayPal Pay in 31

Let customers pay in instalments at checkout by proposing Pay in 3. You can also add relevant Pay in 3 messaging to your site at key points of the shopping journey to help increase cart sizes and conversion.

Card processing and preferred ways to pay

Process all major credit and debit cards and alternative payment methods from around the world. Plus, with our secure vaulting capabilities customers can save their payment details – for a seamless checkout every time they come back.

Comprehensive payments solution

Payment methods

Flexible features

Risk management

Two ways to integrate PayPal

Connect to your ecommerce platform—no coding required

PayPal is already integrated with most major ecommerce platforms, so getting started is simple. Choose your platform or find one through our directory.

Custom code your online checkout experience

Your developer can use our REST APIs and JavaScript SDK to code a scalable checkout solution on your site. Our flexible integration works with however you do business.

We help keep your transactions secure

Our machine learning and analytics help protect your transactions from existing and evolving threats.

Seller Protection

We can help reduce the impact of financial losses on eligible PayPal payment transactions—even when you're facing a customer dispute. Limits apply.5

Fraud Protection

Available with Advanced Checkout, Fraud Protection gives you the insight and control you need to better balance chargebacks and declines on eligible transactions.7

Chargeback Protection

With Chargeback Protection tool, PayPal will cover the disputed amount and waive dispute fees on eligible fraudulent or item not received disputes.6

We support businesses just like yours

Every business needs a reliable partner. From secure payment processing to helpful business insights, we’re here for you.