PayPal QR codes—a safe and easy way to get paid in-person.

With PayPal QR codes, there's no need for you or your customers to handle cash or cards. It's easy: your customer simply opens the PayPal app, scans your unique code, and you can receive payment quickly. Plus, enjoy everyday low fees when you sell using your QR code.

Generate Your Code

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Sell safely and conveniently using your PayPal QR code.

Your customers will love how easy it is to scan, pay, and go with QR codes. They won't have to touch other screens or interact with hardware. Plus, your code is free to create and never expires.

Easy setup

Simply get your code and print it out for customers to scan.

100% touch-free

Keep your distance while reaching your customers faster than ever.

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup and no monthly fees — you pay only when you get paid. Funds transfer to your PayPal Business account usually within minutes.

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Seller Protection

Your eligible transactions are protected from chargebacks, reversals, and their associated fees.

Terms apply.

You have options when selling with QR codes:

Get the app

You can generate your QR code on-demand and anytime directly from the app. Save it to your camera roll for quick access.

Download your code

Download your QR code for free—you can print it to display where you sell or add the image to your in-store signage, menus, marketing materials, and more.

Generate Your QR Code

Do more with your QR code

Display your code on custom business cards, banners, and tabletop displays from our partner, Vistaprint.

Order printed materials from Vistaprint

How to accept touch-free payments with minimal set up.

See how easy it is to get paid, all on the PayPal app.

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