Pay with your Discover® Card rewards

Easily pay with your Cashback Bonus® or Miles at millions of online stores when you checkout with PayPal.

Link Your Discover Card

Here's How It Works

Use your Cashback Bonus® or Miles to pay for purchases at millions of online stores when you checkout.1 $1 Cashback Bonus or 100 Miles = $1.

Checkout is fast and easy!

When shopping online or in apps, choose Checkout with PayPal. Select Discover as your payment method. Enter the amount of Cashback Bonus® you’d like to apply to your purchase.

You’re never held responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover Card.* Make sure your account is linked with PayPal, so you’re ready to go at checkout.

Let's get started

  1. Login to your PayPal account and go to your Wallet.
  2. Click Link your Cashback Bonus2 under the Discover card that you want to enroll for rewards.
  3. Click Get Started, then Agree and Link.

Once done, you’ll see your available reward balance and an option to pay with rewards for eligible purchases when you checkout with PayPal.1

View Wallet

If you change your mind, click Details on your card page, then Stop Using Cashback Bonus with PayPal.

Donate your rewards to a good cause

It's easy to donate your rewards to a cause you care about. Your points will automatically be converted to the equivalent dollar donation amount.

Donate Now

1You may not see Pay with Rewards every time you check out online with a merchant. Not currently available for sending money, recurring payments, and in-store transactions. Pay with Rewards will be available for eligible credit cards on eligible purchases. Pay with Rewards is not yet available to all PayPal customers. All rewards redemptions are subject to your issuer’s reward program terms. To learn more about Pay with Rewards, see terms and conditions.

2Cardmembers can also redeem Miles at checkout.

In order to redeem your Cashback Bonus® or Miles (“Rewards”) for purchases made through the PayPal “Pay with Rewards” program (“Pay with Rewards”), you must complete the registration process and agree to the following terms and conditions. Registration is currently limited to the Discover it®, Discover it® Chrome, Discover it® Miles and More credit cards (“Card”).

All Pay with Rewards redemptions are subject to the terms of your Discover card agreement. Pay with Rewards is only available for eligible purchases with certain merchants, and PayPal or Discover may limit, suspend, or terminate your ability to redeem Rewards at any time, in accordance with the PayPal User Agreement and Discover card agreement.

Your Rewards balance will be linked to your account with PayPal using the Card you selected. You authorize and request Discover Products Inc. (“Discover”) to provide PayPal the information about your Rewards balance associated with your Card.

Discover will debit the Rewards amount that you have elected to redeem for your purchase from your Rewards balance when the transaction is processed. There is no fee to redeem your Rewards with PayPal. If you do not have enough Rewards, you must pay for the remainder of your purchase with the Card from which the Rewards were applied.

If your available Rewards balance changes or becomes unavailable before your payment is processed, or if you modify your final checkout purchase amount, your PayPal transaction may fail to process, a lesser amount of Rewards may be used, or no Rewards may be used.

For fully canceled or refunded transactions, the Rewards portion of your original transaction will be refunded to your Rewards balance and the card funded portion will be refunded to your card. If you split your payment between your Rewards and your Card, PayPal / merchant will choose the order and the split of funds that will be credited (Card/Rewards) when processing a cancellation or refund.

Items that may not be purchased using Pay with Rewards include peer to peer transfers, recurring billing and non-US Dollar transactions.

PayPal’s terms and conditions apply. If you have questions regarding your Rewards or your Discover card account, please contact Discover at 1-800-Discover (1-800-347-2683).

*An “unauthorized purchase” is a purchase where you have not given access to your card information to another person or a merchant for one-time or repeated charges. Please use reasonable care to protect your card and do not share it with employees, relatives, or friends. Learn more at