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Flat-Rate Shipping Charges for Single Items

This guide will show you how to use flat-rate shipping for an order if you are selling only single items or don’t need to charge extra for shipping if a customer orders more than one.

Note: If you are selling any sort of item where buyers might be tempted to buy more than one, you may start losing money in shipping costs - see the “Related Articles” section for more comprehensive shipping solutions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. When creating a "Buy Now" or Add to Cart payment button, enter the amount you need to charge in the “Shipping” field.

    Make sure to enter it without the currency symbol (e.g., $, £, €, etc.), no thousands separator (e.g., no commas), and use the period (".") as the decimal separator. For example, if you need to charge $10.00 for shipping, enter it as 10.00.

  2. Once you have finished customizing your button, click “Create Button” to generate the HTML code you will need to add it to your website. See our Payment Button guides for more information on creating, customizing, and implementing your button.

Additional Info and Frequently Asked Questions

My customer ordered two items, but was only charged shipping for one item. How do I fix this?

If you are using flat-rate shipping, but need the shipping price to increase when your customer orders additional quantities, try using incremental shipping – click here to see our guide to Incremental Shipping Rates

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