Choose the option that's right for you:

Option 1 - Create payment button

Add a PayPal payment button to your site

No matter how you do business, we have a button to suit your business needs. Your customers can pay securely and easily, using PayPal or a credit card.

Create a buttonWatch How it Works

Option 2 - Use existing shopping cart

Use PayPal Payments Standard with your shopping cart, gateway, or other ecommerce platform.

PayPal is already integrated with many of the most popular shopping carts and other business tools. Below are the four easy steps you need to get started.

Make sure your cart is already set up to work with PayPal Payments Standard. Not sure? See our Partner Directory.

Go to the admin console of your shopping cart or other ecommerce platform.

Select PayPal Payments Standard (formerly known as Website Payments Standard) as your payment solution.

Enter your PayPal account login info where indicated in your admin console.

Need help? Detailed instructions for some of the most common platforms are on our developer blogs. Check out the links to the right.

Option 3 - Set up custom integration (developers)

What types of integrations are available?

HTML integration
If you're building your own shopping cart or storefront, start with the HTML overview of PayPal Payments Standard (formerly known as Website Payments Standard).

Or you can jump right into the Standard Variable Reference, which provides reference information for all the relevant HTML variables.

API integration
This type of integration allows you to create and manage buttons within your own application. It is often used by developers who provide shopping carts for merchants. To get started, go to the Button Manager API overview.

Button type: I want to: Your customer sees: Guides:
Buy Now Let customers click once and quickly purchase one item at a time. Buy Now Buy Now guide
Add to Cart Allow customers to choose one or more items for a single checkout. Add to cart Add to cart guide
Donate Let customers choose a fixed or variable donation amount. Donate Donate guide
Automatic Billing Sign customers up for a billing agreement that allows you to charge them a variable amount - up to a mutually agreed upon maximum - each billing cycle. For example, utility bills. Automatic Billing Automatic Billing guide
Subscription Offer subscriptions or other recurring payments for items like magazine subscriptions or club memberships. Subscription Subscription guide