PayPals Security Key FAQ - More Protection for Your Account

Frequently Asked Questions - PayPal Security Key

What is the PayPal Security Key?

The Security Key gives you an extra layer of protection when you're logging in to your account. It's kind of like a combination lock-but one that has a different combination every time you use it.

How It Works

The Security Key creates random security codes that you enter along with your PayPal username and password. It's portable, easy to use, and even works with your eBay account.

The Security Key costs just $29.95 and is available in two distinct formats:

  • A portable, credit card-sized device with a digital readout.
  • A virtual version that texts the combinations to your mobile phone.

Be aware that your mobile phone provider's standard text messaging fees will apply if you select that option.

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Why should I use the PayPal Security Key?

Logging in with your PayPal user name and password is secure. But some people prefer to have an extra layer of security, and that's where the Security Key comes in:

  • It randomly generates security codes that are practically impossible to duplicate.
  • A fresh security code is just one click (or about 30 seconds) away.
  • You can take it with you anywhere.

How do I use the Security Key?

Security Key Card:

  1. Log in to PayPal as you normally would. After you enter your username and password, you'll be asked to enter a security code.
  2. Press the button on your Security Key to get the code.
  3. Enter the code to complete the log-in process.

Mobile phone Security Key:

  1. Log in to PayPal as you normally would. Then look for the Send SMS button on the next page.
  2. Click Send SMS and then look for a text message on your mobile phone with the code.
  3. Enter the code to complete the log-in process.

What do I need to use the mobile phone Security Key?

You'll need a mobile phone and service that supports SMS text messaging. Contact your mobile provider to make sure your phone and services are set up for SMS, and to find out your provider's standard text messaging charges.

My text messages don't always come through. Can I still log in without a code?

Yes, but we'll ask you a few security verification questions so we're sure it's you. And in the meantime, make sure we have your correct phone number on file, as this could be the reason for the problem.

Can I still log in to my PayPal account if I lose or break my key, or if I don't have my mobile phone with me?

Yes, as long as you can answer a few security questions correctly.

Will the Security Key work with my computer?

Yes, it works with any computer, operating system, and Web browser that can access the PayPal website.

How much does it cost?

The mobile Security Key costs just $29.95. If you opt for the mobile version, you will also be responsible for your mobile phone provider's standard text messaging fees.

Is the $29.95 fee refundable?

No, but you only have to pay once per Security Key.

What if I lose my mobile phone or change my number?

Your security key service is tied to your mobile number, so if you're keeping your old number but getting a new phone, you don't have to do anything.

If you're getting a new number, you'll have to register it and pay the $29.95 fee. You'll also need to log in to your PayPal account to deactivate your old mobile number and activate the new one.

How do I order a replacement Security Key?

If you've lost your Security Key or if it has stopped working, just contact Customer Service to get a new one. Please note-you will have to pay another $29.95 fee.

Where should I keep my Security Key?

It's best to keep it with you, so you can access your account wherever you are.

How do I deactivate my Security Key?

  1. Log in to your PayPal account with your Security Key.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click PayPal Security Key.
  4. Select the Security Key and click Deactivate.

Your PayPal account will remain secure, even if you decide to deactivate your Security Key. And please be aware that if you choose to deactivate, your $29.95 activation fee will not be refunded.