Bug Bounty Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame - Quarter 4, 2016

  • PayPal would like to recognize our top 10 researchers for Quarter 4, 2016. We will update this page quarterly to reflect the efforts of our researcher community.
  • We have listed our top 10 researchers below in alphabetical order along with their specified organization.
  • Arsiadi Sriyanto@donrookie
  • Bogdan CalinAcunetix
  • Henry Hoggard
  • Ketan SirigiriCigniti Technologies Ltd. @Cigniti
  • Mikko Carreon
  • Nandha
  • Nir GoldshlagerSenior Security Researcher - Salesforce.com Product Security
  • Sergey Markov
  • Shailesh Suthar@shailesh4594
  • Teemu KääriäinenNixu Corporation

How to get on the page

  • Severity of issue
  • Most interesting vulnerabilities
  • High percentage of valid submissions

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