Get touch-free payments with no seller fees through September 30, 2020

With PayPal QR codes, there’s no need for you or your customers to handle cash or cards, and you don’t even need a card reader. Starting October 1, sellers pay just 1.90%+$0.10 per transaction.

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After you’ve created your code, use Nextdoor Business Posts to let your local community know you are open and providing a touch-free payment experience. Each business can post twice per month, for free. Business Posts instantly reach all neighbors within two miles of your business, and show up in the most visible section on Nextdoor, the neighborhood newsfeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QR code payments will allow you to get paid in person with PayPal just by displaying your QR code for customers to scan using their smart phone. You don't need any additional devices.

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