Sell smarter with new PayPal business tools.

Learn about your customers' shopping behaviors on your site with new marketing tools in your PayPal business account. Access customer insights and display customizable marketing messages from PayPal on your site – all at no extra cost.

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Know more about your customers.

Gather valuable insights about the shopping behaviors of your customers. Easily enable this feature and access insights right from your PayPal business account.

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Learn how many PayPal customers visited and made a purchase on your site in the last 7, 30 and 60 days.

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Discover the average order size of customers on your site.

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Find out what types of devices are being used to access your site.

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See how many visitors took advantage of your site's promotional offers.

Create a tailored shopping experience.

Help drive sales by displaying relevant PayPal offers and promotional messaging to your customers. Choose which offers you want to show, as well as how and where these messages appear on your site.

customized marketing messages

It's easy to get started.


Sign in with your PayPal business account and register your site.


Copy and paste a small piece of code into your site to activate consumer insights.


Turn on tailored PayPal marketing messages with a single click.