It's the thoughtfulness that counts.

Give a gift that’s as flexible as a gift card, but is much more thoughtful. With Loop e-gifting, you pick an actual item and send it over email – even up to the last minute. And if the size, color, or style isn’t right, they have the flexibility to exchange for something else, before it ships.

Enjoy the holidays without the rush.

Avoid the mall. Forget parking. And skip waiting in lines. This year, you can relax and get through your holiday shopping in just one afternoon – all from the comfort of your own couch. It’s the freedom and convenience you’ve come to expect from PayPal and Loop.


Find the perfect item with Loop gifting service. Send it via email with a thoughtful note.


They receive your gift and message via email. They can even reply with a custom thank you.


They can adjust the size, color, style of your gift, or even exchange for a gift credit before accepting.

Find the gift they'll love to get.

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