Propel your business to new heights.

With over 237 million shoppers worldwide, PayPal gives customers around the globe more ways to pay and you more power to sell.

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Offer more payment options to your customers.

PayPal Checkout comes with Smart Payment ButtonsTM that present shoppers with the most relevant online payment methods. With one integration, you can give customers the option to pay with PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit*, and major credit cards and debit cards - on almost any device.

With One TouchTM, your customers can skip the PayPal login and quickly complete their purchase.

Tap into Venmo's highly engaged mobile user base and increase your brand exposure when customers share their purchases on the Venmo social feed.

PayPal Credit lets you offer easy financing options, so your customers can buy now and pay over time, while you get paid up front.

Fewer screens, fewer clicks,
and better checkout conversion.

When customers use PayPal, they can skip online forms and complete their checkout in just a few taps,
helping boost your sales conversion and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Reconnect with high-intent shoppers and increase your sales.

PayPal recognizes 4 in 10 shoppers who leave your site before making a purchase, and can help turn them into buyers with Store Cash incentives.^

Store Cash does more than help reduce cart abandonment. It helps you connect with new buyers, at no upfront cost.

Drive PayPal sales

Businesses have seen a lift in their PayPal sales when they offer Store Cash via email and in-app.1

Expand your marketing capabilities with PayPal

PayPal sends an email on your behalf featuring the Store Cash. It works in addition to your existing marketing tools. Plus, you pay only when you complete a sale.

Delight your customers

Shoppers find Store Cash in their PayPal wallet. The amount is applied automatically to any sales in your online store when shoppers checkout with PayPal.

Measure your success

We'll provide a dashboard to help you easily track the number of Store Cash offers redeemed and sales recovered in real time.

Store Cash: How it Works

Start with a Sales Recovery Report, showing your estimated audience size and potential ROI.

Set Up a Store Cash campaign

Set your budget and select a dollar amount you want to offer to each customer.

Reconnect with your shoppers

PayPal sends an email on your behalf to abandoned shoppers to let them know they have a Store Cash offer from your site.

Shoppers can return to use Store Cash

Store Cash is automatically applied when the shopper revisits your site and check outs with PayPal during the offer period.

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup and no monthly fees—you pay only when you get paid. Funds transfer to your PayPal Business account usually within minutes.

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A single integration that adapts for the future.

Once you add PayPal Checkout to your site, we keep it up to date so there's nothing else you need to do. We recommend working with a web developer or an ecommerce platform provider to integrate PayPal Checkout with your site.

Work with a developer.

Integrating PayPal Checkout requires development skills. If you have a developer, you can share our documentation with them.

Add it to your existing platform.

Already have an ecommerce website? PayPal Checkout is built into many major ecommerce platforms.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I get PayPal Checkout?

The first step is to sign up for a PayPal Business account. Then, you can work with one of the ecommerce platform providers that already has PayPal Checkout integrated into their platform. Or, work with a developer to integrate PayPal Checkout with your website.
Call: 1-800-514-4920 to talk to an expert about customized solutions.

Add PayPal Checkout to your website.

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Looking for other ways to accept cards online?

We have two alternative options to accept credit cards based on what works best for your business.

Do-it-yourself option.

Within about 15 minutes, you can add a Buy Now, Add to Cart, or Donate button to your website. It's as easy as copying-and-pasting a few lines of code.

Start Accepting Online Payments

Fully customizable option.

Create a more advanced, fully customized experience. This option requires a developer.

Call: 1-800-514-4920

^PayPal analysis of 277 merchants’ websites in the period 4/13/2019 to 04/15/2019

PayPal analysis of 1enterprise merchant in the period 03/08/2019 - 11/14/2019

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