Selling Digital Goods? PayPal Makes it Easy to Collect Payments


Increase sales conversion and reduce cost with PayPal

Digital Goods

Sell more digital content and build more profitable customer relationships with PayPal for Digital Goods.

  • In-context, two click payments can increase sales
  • Low fees for both small and large transactions
  • Offer one-time micropayments, pay-as-you-go, and subscription models
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A trusted, in-context payment solution that helps you more profitably sell gaming, media, or software content online to customers all around the globe.

Key Benefits
Content Monetization
Fraud Protection
Reporting and Back Office
International Reach

Thousands of companies that develop, publish, or produce games, media content, or software rely on PayPal – and now it's even better. The new PayPal for Digital Goods solution helps you:

Increase Conversion Rates

Because customers can pay quickly and seamlessly from inside your game, video, news article, ebook, or other digital content without leaving the experience, they are more likely to buy and keep coming back.

Maximize Profitability

Give your customers the flexibility to pay for only what they want. Let them make one-time micropayments, pay by subscription, or pay as they consume your digital goods. PayPal automatically adjusts fees so that you pay the best possible pricing.

Reduce Fraud

Our extensive security measures and understanding of the unique vulnerabilities related to digital goods commerce help reduce chargebacks and risk related operational costs before they happen – saving you time, money, and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Access International Markets

Get access to markets around the globe with PayPal's reach and expertise. There are more than 169 million active PayPal accounts in 203 markets. The trusted PayPal brand opens doors to new customers, particularly for digital goods developers both inside and outside the U.S. who want to conduct cross-border business.