QR codes

Here. There. Anywhere. Accept PayPal in person.

Reach more customers wherever you set up shop. Just offer your contactless QR code and accept PayPal in person. No special software, hardware, cash, or cards required.

Your QR code makes selling simple


Customers scan your QR code and pay on the PayPal app. No need for cash, cards, or checks.

Quick and easy

Need a way to get paid, stat? Create your QR code in seconds. Anytime, anywhere.


Use one QR code for everything you sell, online or in person. Your QR code doesn’t expire.

Create your QR code. Show it to customers. They scan it. You get paid. At the farmer’s market. In your restaurant. It’s touch-free, hassle-free, fast.

How to get your QR code and start selling

Generate your QR code

Create your unique QR code in your Business account.

Share your QR code

Show your QR code to your customer. Display it on your camera roll, in-store signage, and more.

Have your customer scan

Ask your customer to scan your QR code. They can use their phone’s camera or the Scan/Pay option in the app.

Have your customer enter the amount

Ask your customer to enter the total amount owed. They can even add a tip.

Get paid

Ask your customer to choose Send. Their payment goes straight to your PayPal account.

Join millions of businesses who take QR codes

Your customers will thank you.

50 %
of US PayPal users say they would pay with QR codes.¹
1 in4
PayPal QR code users use this payment method at least once a month.¹
1 million +
merchants and casual sellers accept PayPal QR codes globally.²

Order your QR kit

Let customers know you accept touch-free payments.

Your QR kit includes signage, stickers, and more. You can also save your QR code to your camera roll, print it out, and display however you’d like.

Pricing with no surprises

A contactless checkout for them. A transparent price for you. Fees are subject to change.

QR code transactions $10.01 and above3

1.9% + $0.10
per transaction

QR code transactions $10.00 and below3

2.4% + $0.05
per transaction

QR code transactions through a third-party integrator3

2.29% + $0.09
per transaction

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