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What does the status of my sent payments mean on my PayPal account?

Here are some definitions to help you understand the status of a payment you send:

  • Canceled: You canceled your payment, and the money was credited back to your account.
  • Cleared: Money from an eCheck that you sent has been deposited in the recipient’s account.
  • Cleared by Payment Review: We reviewed the transaction and the money is in the recipient’s account.
  • Completed: The transaction was successful and the money is in the recipient’s account.
  • Denied: The recipient didn’t accept your payment, and the money was credited back to your account. View the transaction details to see why your payment was denied or contact the recipient for more information. 
  • Failed: Your payment didn’t go through. We recommend that you try your payment again.
  • Held: We’re reviewing the transaction and your payment might be reversed. You should check the Resolution Center for more information.
  • In progress: Your payment was sent, but the recipient hasn’t accepted it yet.
  • On hold: We’re holding the money temporarily because either you filed a dispute or we’re reviewing the transaction. Look for an email from us with more information about this transaction.
  • Paid: Someone requested money from you and you sent them a payment.
  • Partially Refunded: Your payment was partially refunded.
  • Pending Verification: We’re reviewing the transaction. We’ll send your payment to the recipient after your payment source has been verified.
  • Placed: We have placed a temporary hold on your payment. Look for an email from us with more information.
  • Processing: We’re processing your payment and the transaction should be completed shortly.
  • Refunded: The recipient returned your payment. If you used a credit card to make your payment, the money will be returned to your credit card. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your statement.
  • Refused: The recipient didn’t receive your payment. If you still want to make your payment, we recommend that you try again.
  • Removed: The hold on your payment was removed and the transaction should be completed shortly.
  • Returned: Money was returned to your account because the recipient didn’t claim your payment within 30 days. PayPal members can manually reverse unclaimed payments before the 30-day automatic reversal.
  • Reversed: Either you canceled the transaction or we did.
  • Temporary hold: Money from your account is being held temporarily during the authorization process. The recipient isn’t able to use or withdraw this money until the authorization is complete.
  • Unclaimed: The recipient hasn’t accepted or received your payment. Unclaimed transactions are automatically canceled after 30 days.
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