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Accept Donations

Charities and nonprofit organizations can use PayPal to collect donations.
  • How does PayPal approve charities and nonprofit organizations?

Before your charity or nonprofit organization can use PayPal to collect donations, we need to confirm your nonprofit status.

You can begin the approval process by submitting some basic information to
This includes the name of your organization, your contact information, and the address of your website if you have one.
We'd like to see a brief description of your business or a copy of your mission statement, too.

You may also be asked to:

  • Provide proof of your tax-exempt status or registration from a regulatory body.
  • Send us a copy of a bank statement or a voided check with the name of your organization on it.
  • Provide us with additional information or documentation if we need it, based on the regulatory requirements for your country. We'll contact you to let you know exactly what we need.


Donations not associated with a charity or nonprofit organization don't need to meet these requirements, but all donations are subject to review. Donations must also follow our Acceptable Use Policies.

  • How can my charity or nonprofit use PayPal to collect donations?

The PayPal donation button is a convenient and cost-effective solution for collecting donations online. To create a button, you define the donation amounts you want to accept; no programming is required.

When donors click your donation button, they complete their donation on the PayPal site. There are no monthly or set-up fees with donation button transactions. Your organization only pays processing fees when you receive a donation.

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