Smoother sales with seller profiles

Get payments quickly and easily

Make the most out of doing what you love. Simply create and share your customized profile link on social media or in person so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Leverage your social following for a fast, secure sale

No business site needed

Share your payment link on social media to receive payments from fans and followers—no business website needed.

Get paid with a link in your DMs

Get paid fast on social or in person. Make the sales and we’ll manage the payments.

Qualify for Seller and Buyer Protections

Establish credibility and trust with current and potential customers so you can create with confidence.1

Claim your business name

Make it easier for customers to find you by creating a profile handle that’s uniquely yours and is the same (or similar to) as other usernames you may be using on social media.

Reserve your business handle         

Customize your profile

From choosing a business name and logo to finding the right photos, fine-tune your online presence at any time to reach new audiences and get the most out of your profile.

Simple pricing. Secure payments.

$ 0
Upfront fees and recurring fees
No additional expenses associated with creating a seller profile.2
2.89 %
per transaction + $0.49
You only pay when you make a sale.2 This fixed fee applies to US customers only. Learn about fees in other countries.

Create and share your seller profile

It’s time to get your business out there. Here’s how you can build your profile in minutes.


Get established

Log in to your account with PayPal.


Create your business name and add contact info.

Remember to add a profile and background photo.


Publish your profile

Share your unique link across social media. Now you’re in business!

Coming soon: PayPal Shops

There’s more in store for you! PayPal Shops is a digital storefront where creatives of all kinds can engage with shoppers and help grow their business. Get ahead of the curve by reserving your business handle and creating a Seller Profile.

Join over 400 million PayPal users

Easily and securely spend, send, and manage your transactions—all in one place.

Experience the new way to PayPal

Download the app on your phone or sign up for free online.

1 Available on eligible purchases or sales. See PayPal Purchase Protection terms and conditions. See PayPal Seller terms and conditions.

2 Customers in the US pay at 2.89%, plus a $0.49 transaction fee. Learn more about fees in other countries.

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