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What is the difference between PayPal donations and PayPal Giving Fund donations?

Charities with a PayPal account can place donation buttons on their own website to collect donations. The money goes directly into their PayPal account and is subject to PayPal’s processing fees

Charities enrolled in PayPal Giving Fund can direct donors to their PayPal Giving Fund donation page or pages hosted by our partners. PPGF grants donations to enrolled charities within 15-45 days and to unenrolled charities typically within 90 days from the date of donation. 

PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge charities or donors any fees. In some cases, our partners may charge fees on donations made through their platforms, which they disclose on their websites. PayPal payment processing fees are applied to donations made on some partners’ platforms.

PayPal covers 100% of the payment transaction fees for donations made to benefit charities on PayPal’s app and website.  However, please note that currency coversion fees will apply when converting currencies.

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