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How does manual card entry with PayPal Zettle work?

What is manual card entry and when can I use it?

Manual card entry allows you to accept card payments from customers who aren’t physically present.

To accept manual card entry, you must enter your customer’s credit card details in the PayPal Zettle app. 

This payment option is convenient when you want to secure a booking or charge for remote orders over the phone or online.

When a customer is present in your store, use one of our other payment methods to check out, not manual card entry.

How do I turn on manual card entry?

To enable Manual Card Entry, you should first take a payment using the Chip or Tap option and wait 3 hours. You can then turn on the feature by accessing the menu in your app, tapping Manual card entry and then pressing the activate button. After that, you’ll see the “Manual Card Entry” option as a payment method in your checkout.

Why can't I see manual card entry as an option/ who can use manual card entry?

Only sellers who have connected their PayPal Zettle account to a PayPal Business account and have successfully completed a card payment through a Zettle card reader are eligible to use the manual card entry feature.

How will I get paid for manual card entry payments?

You’ll be paid directly into your PayPal account. As a result, money from manual card entry won’t show up in your PayPal Zettle daily deposit email or on the PayPal Zettle deposits page. Manual card entry payments will however be visible in your sales overview and reporting. 

Does Seller Protection cover manual card entry payments?

Manual card entry payments aren’t covered by Seller Protection at this time.

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