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How do I integrate PayPal Checkout with Magento 2.0?

Here's how:
  1. Log in to your Magento admin panel.
  2. Click Stores.
  3. Click Configuration.
  4. Click Sales.
  5. Click Payment Methods.
  6. Click Configure for PayPal Checkout.
  7. Configure the following settings to complete your PayPal Checkout integration:
    • Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account - Enter your PayPal email address.
    • Authentication Method - Select API Signature.
    • API Username - Paste in your API username.
    • API Password - Paste in your API password.
    • API Signature - Paste in your API Signature.
    • Sandbox Mode - Select No unless you're using PayPal Sandbox credentials.
    • Enable this Solution - Select Yes.
    • Enable PayPal Credit - Select Yes.
    • Title - Enter your title as you would like it to appear.
    • Payment Action - Select either Sale or Authorize.
    • Display on Product Details Page - Select Yes (recommended).
    • Display on Shopping Cart - Select Yes.
    • Payment Applicable From - Select All Allowed Countries unless you intend to restrict locations.
    • Transfer Cart Line Items - Select Yes.
    • Enable PayPal Guest Checkout - Select Yes (recommended).
    • Review additional options not covered.
  8. Click Save Config.

Note: PayPal recommends that you install the PayPal One Touch / InContext plugin for Magento for best checkout experience. This module is available for free from the Magento downloads page.

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