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How do I enable Payment Data Transfer (PDT token)?

Payment Data Transfer allows you to receive notification of successful payments as they’re made. To use Payment Data Transfer, you need to turn on Auto Return.

Here's how to request a PDT token:

  1. Go to your Account Settings.
  2. Click Website payments on the left.
  3. Click Update next to "Website preferences."
  4. Select "On" for "Auto Return for website payments."
  5. In the "Return URL" field, enter the return URL that you’ll send your buyers to after a transaction completes.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Select "On" for "Payment Data Transfer."
  8. Your identity token will be displayed in the "Payment Data Transfer" section.


  • You'll need to pass this identity token along with the transaction token to us so you can receive confirmation that the payment is complete.
  • For security purposes, we don’t email you the identity token.

You can find more information about Payment Data Transfer on PayPal Developer at the following URL:

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