An Internet Merchant Account: Completing the Picture

If you're looking to accept credit cards online, you're going to need an Internet merchant account. There are plenty of banks and vendors offering you this service, but most of them don't offer everything you need…
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What are Internet Merchant Accounts?

Internet merchant accounts are merchant accounts specifically designed for processing credit cards online. Typically, the Internet version has more security controls than your traditional merchant account.

In addition to an Internet merchant account, you'll also need a payment gateway service to move the money between your shopping cart and the banks or credit card companies involved with the transactions.
Step 1: A customer completes an order. Your shopping cart transmits payment info to the credit card processor (payment gateway).

Step 2: The payment gateway securely transmits the transaction with the customer's credit card company.

Step 3: Once the transaction is approved, the funds are transferred to your Internet merchant account.

Step 4: Your Internet merchant account transfers the funds to your bank account regularly via scheduled transfers.

A payment gateway securely transmits and verifies your customer's credit card info with their credit card company.

An Internet merchant account receives payments from the credit card company and transfers the funds to your bank account regularly via scheduled transfers.


What are my options?

Most banks offer some form of a merchant account, but they don't specialize in processing credit cards online.

Third-party vendors like PayPal can be a better option because processing online payments is all they do. Unlike most of these specialists, PayPal gives you an Internet merchant account and payment gateway in one solution called PayPal Payments Pro. This option lets you accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments—23% of online shoppers prefer to pay with PayPal!*

How does our solution work?

With PayPal Payments Pro, you don't need to search for a gateway service provider or maintain separate relationships with merchant account banks and credit card companies. We handle everything for you, leaving you to focus on your business.

Your customers never leave your site during the checkout process, so you control the experience. Behind the scenes, PayPal handles their payment securely with world-class fraud protection.

1. Your Site

A customer chooses to pay with a Credit Card.

2. Your Site

They enter shipping info on your site.

3. Your Site

They enter their credit card details.

4. Your Site

They review their payment info.

5. Your Site

Their payment is processed.


You get paid.(The fun part.)

1. A customer chooses your product.

A customer shops on your site, and chooses to pay using their credit or debit card.


2. They enter their payment info on your site.

They enter shipping details directly on your checkout pages.


3. They enter their credit card details.

They enter their payment info.


4. They review their payment info.

Your customers make sure their shipping and credit card details are correct.


5. Their payment is processed.

PayPal handles their payment behind the scenes, and your customer receives confirmation on your site. You get their contact information for future marketing efforts.


6. You get paid. (The fun part.)

When your customer's payment hits your PayPal account, transfer the money to your bank account (bank transfers usually take 2–3 days to clear) or spend it online anywhere PayPal is accepted.

With a PayPal Debit Card, spend your balance anywhere MasterCard is accepted or withdraw it as cash at ATMs. (You are eligible to apply after your PayPal account has been in good standing for 60 days.)


Is it easy to set up?

It's critical that your shopping cart, payment gateway, and Internet merchant account work well together. PayPal works with over 300 popular shopping carts for easy integration. Better yet, our all-in-one package saves you the hassle of finding a separate gateway service provider.

And, if you're looking to build a customized solution, we offer software development kits, a sandbox testing environment, code samples, and more.

How much does it cost?

Remember, PayPal is a complete payment solution. This gives you some cost advantages, too. With other solutions, you'll need to pay a monthly fee for your gateway and a separate charge for the merchant account. Then there are extra costs for fraud screening and reporting, downgrade penalties when customers use premium reward cards, and so on.

You can forget about all these hidden fees with PayPal. You pay a $30 monthly fee and a low transaction fee for each sale. That's it. We're up front with our pricing because nobody likes surprises when they end up costing you money.
$30 monthly fee, Rates from 2.2% + $0.30,  NO gateway fee &  NO setup fee

 This independent article from Inc. Magazine outlines the extra fees credit card processors may charge.


Yes, you might see lower rates published elsewhere. But keep in mind that PayPal there are no extra costs like setup charges, monthly fees, downgrade penalties, or cancellation charges.

  • $30 monthly fee
  • No early termination fee
  • No setup fee
  • No downgrade fee
$0 to $3,0002.9% + $0.30$3.20 fee on a $100 sale
$3,000+ to $10,0002.5% + $0.30*$2.80 fee on a $100 sale
$10,000+2.2% + $0.30*$2.50 fee on a $100 sale
*Merchant Rate Qualification Required

When your monthly sales exceed $3,000 and you've been a PayPal member more than 30 days, please fill out a one-time application, subject to approval.

The pricing table above applies to domestic payments in US dollars. There's an additional 2.5% charge for any currency conversion and a 1% charge to receive payments from another country.

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*July 2007 JupiterResearch/Ipsos Insight Financial Services Consumer Survey. In the survey, buyers in North America were asked to select, from a list, their three favorite ways to pay online. Other options included Visa, MasterCard®, American Express, Debit Card, No Strong Preference, Bill Me Later, etc. PayPal was selected by 23% of respondents.