PayPal Payments Advanced: Step up your game

Apr 12 2021 | PayPal editorial staff

It’s a no-brainer that accepting payments is essential to a business. PayPal Payments makes this process as hassle-free as it should be.
This all-in-one payment-processing system lets you accept payments online, offline, or on the go, so you can keep the lifeblood of your business – payments – flowing. A step up from our entry-level option, PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Advanced can help you take your business to the next level.
What can I do with PayPal Payments Advanced?
At its core, PayPal Payments is a system that lets you accept payment for services or products your business sells, just about anywhere. All three levels of the system, including PayPal Payments Advanced, let you take payments online via credit card or a PayPal account and issue electronic invoices. All levels also enable you to process credit cards, PayPal, and check transactions off-site with PayPal Here. PayPal Here is a free plug-in card reader and app combo that turns your Android or Apple iOS device into a mobile payment system.
Whether you receive payment with PayPal Here or online, you’ll have access to your money quickly, which is great for any business. Once a payment is received, you can spend directly from the account, transfer to a bank account, or use your complimentary PayPal Debit MasterCard (subject to approval). Accept payments and make payments – PayPal Payments Advanced helps you keep your business moving by making the basics possible.
What sets PayPal Payments Advanced apart?
What makes PayPal Payments Advanced different is that it lets customers check out directly on your website. That’s good news if you sell merchandise through your own online store instead of an online marketplace. PayPal Payments Advanced incorporates this process into your website.

With your own website and PayPal Payments Advanced, you can have more control over the selling process and your customer’s online experience. All they’ll see is a checkout button, and PayPal will keep sensitive data secure and protect against fraud behind the scenes. A step up to PayPal Payments Advanced means a more streamlined selling platform.
Is it right for my business?
PayPal Payments Advanced is a good solution for any business that wants to sell right from their website. It’s a reliable, secure way to keep customers on your site through the buying process.

Add that to the benefits of all PayPal Payments accounts, and you have a well-rounded payment solution that helps you get paid online, offline, and on the road. The ability to take payments anywhere with PayPal Here, easy access to your money, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can trust PayPal’s state-of-the-art security all add up to a trustworthy system for you and your customers.

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Frequently asked questions.

PayPal charges a Dispute Fee to manage the dispute resolution process on transactions that were completed by a buyer with a PayPal account or a buyer using PayPal Checkout as a Guest.  This Dispute Fee applies to such transactions both when the buyer files a claim directly with PayPal and when they file through a chargeback with their card issuer or a reversal with their bank.  The Dispute Fee does not apply to transactions processed through PayPal Pro or Advanced credit and debit card processing, sometimes called “unbranded” transactions.

The amount of the Dispute Fee depends on the percentage of claims filed against your total sales in the previous 3 months. The Standard Dispute Fee will apply unless your disputes rate is 1.5% or more and you had more than 100 sales transactions in the previous three full months. If you fall into that category, the High Volume Dispute Fee would apply for each dispute. 

The Standard Dispute Fee will be waived for Inquiries in the PayPal Resolution Center that aren’t escalated to a claim, those that are resolved amicably between the buyer and the seller, or those filed to PayPal directly as an Unauthorized transaction.

To learn more about disputes and claims and how to handle them, see our Help Guide.

Need more help?

How is the dispute rate calculated and how can I avoid being charged a dispute fee?  
Direct Payment Recurring Payments (DPRP) is the Recurring Payments product for PayPal Payments Pro account holders in the US and Canada. DPRP is an enhancement of PayPal Payments Pro (known as Website Payments Pro outside the US).

DPRP allows merchants to associate Recurring Payments with a debit or credit card on a fixed schedule. It enables buyers who don't have a PayPal account to pay with their bank cards without leaving your website. PayPal processes the payment in the background.

Before getting started with DPRP, determine the version of your PayPal Payments Pro account version, because DPRP is compatible only with PayPal Payments Pro.

Which version of PayPal Payments Pro do I have?
If you have credentials to log in to PayPal Manager (Partner, Vendor ID, and Password), then you have a PayPal Payflow Pro account and you want Recurring Billing instead of DPRP.

Which recurring payments product is best for my account version?
If you have PayPal Payments Pro, DPRP is the right product for you. To have it enabled on your account, contact PayPal Sales.

PayPal Payflow Pro, our newest version of PayPal Payments Pro, is incompatible with DPRP. We suggest that PayPal Payflow Pro users use Payflow Recurring Billing - a newer product with the same functionality as DPRP.

If you have PayPal Payflow Pro and absolutely must use DPRP, contact PayPal Sales directly to request a PayPal Payments Pro account. 
The PayPal Developer Portal offers support for developers who have questions about technical topics, such as APIs or integration. Below is a list of common topics searched for by developers. You can also browse and search on the Developer Portal for additional topics.

Account Authentication
Information about validating your visitor's PayPal account.

Encrypted Website Payments
To make online payments more secure, you can make Encrypted Website Payment buttons that rely on standard public key encryption for protection.

Identity API
PayPal offers a secure commerce Identity API that lets your customers sign in to your web site using their PayPal credentials.

Instant Payment Notification
Instant Payment Notification is a message service that automatically notifies merchants of events related to PayPal transactions.

Merchants, developers, and business solution providers use Invoicing APIs to automate the creation, delivery, tracking, and reconciliation of invoices with an integrated payments solution.

Mobile SDK
Accept PayPal, credit cards and other payments methods through mobile apps.

Name-Value Pair (NVP) API
Information and support on name value pairs and NVP SDKs.

PayPal Checkout
PayPal Checkout gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience that keeps them local to your website or mobile app throughout the payment process.

Payflow Gateway
Payflow Pro is a high performance TCP/IP-based client-server architecture solution. It includes a secure payment gateway that gives merchants total control over the payment process.

PayPal Sandbox Support
Information and support for users testing in the PayPal Sandbox environment.

PayPal Shopping Cart
The PayPal Shopping Cart system allows buyers to select multiple items on your website and pay for them with a single payment.

Permissions Service API
PayPal's permissions service enables you to request and obtain authorization to make API calls and take action on behalf of your customers.

The PayPal SOAP API is based on open standards known collectively as web services, which include the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Definition Language (WSDL), and the XML Schema Definition language (XSD).

Testing Your Apps in Sandbox
A guide for developers testing their apps in the PayPal Sandbox environment.

Virtual Terminal
Information about PayPal's Virtual Terminal - a web-based application that processes credit and debit cards, replacing swipe machines.

Website Payments Pro
PayPal's Website Payments Pro is an API-based solution that enables merchants and developers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments directly on their website.
PayPal Payments Standard
You can accept credit cards online easily and offers a streamlined checkout experience to customers using mobile devices.
The below content applies to Business accounts only.

Virtual Terminal is bundled with our customizable payment solution, PayPal Payments Pro. Virtual Terminal allows merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere they have Internet access, with no card swipe or software to install, and is ideal for merchants who receive orders by phone, fax, or face to face.

Virtual Terminal has these features and benefits:
  • Grow your business – Process payments for major credit and debit cards. Extend your reach to customers who prefer not to pay online, including customers without a PayPal account.
  • Process payments anywhere – Process payments anywhere through any device with an Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Zero setup – Virtual Terminal requires no coding or specific software installation to get started.
  • Use PayPal as a one-stop payment solution and more – Process your customers' orders through a PayPal-hosted online payment form along with a set of tools for intuitive reporting; printing shipping labels and packing slips; and printing or emailing transaction receipts.
  • Process multiple payments simultaneously – You can launch multiple Virtual Terminal instances to process payments, as in the case of a call center or during heavy demand.
Note: PayPal's Seller Protection Policy doesn't apply to transactions processed using Virtual Terminal.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Log in to Virtual Terminal. When you're ready to process a payment, go to your App Center and click the Virtual Terminal tile.
  2. Enter the order. Enter the order details and credit or debit card information. If you're mailing an item, include the shipping information.
  3. Complete the transaction. You'll receive a confirmation for successful transactions. You'll then have the option to print a receipt or packing slip, email the receipt to your customer, or process another payment.
  4. Get paid. Once approved, the money shows up in your PayPal account, usually within minutes. From there, transfer it to your bank account, spend it wherever PayPal is accepted, or use your PayPal Business Debit Mastercard® at the ATM or in stores. You have fast access to your PayPal account, plus the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard offers 1 percent cash back on eligible purchases (It requires enrollment. Cashback applies to signed transactions only.)
Virtual Terminal costs $30/month USD, with no setup, termination, or withdrawal fees. 
Go to our Fees page for more information

If you encounter any issues when signing up or processing payments, reach out to Merchant Technical Support.

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