Case study: A/B Testing PayPal Presentment

Mar 08 2021 | PayPal Editorial Staff

Placement really does matter!
How an A/B test proved that presentment positively affects conversion.

Ticket sales take off with PayPal Presentment, driving conversion & revenue.
Fast, frictionless checkout matched with prime visibility is a first-class ticket to elevated customer lifetime value & conversion.
With a dominant presence in the entertainment industry, this massive Enterprise Merchant specializes in live event ticket sales of unmatched global scale.

Already selling over 500M tickets per year globally, the Merchant wanted to push its competitive edge even further and increase the volume of PayPal transactions by streamlining its checkout process and improving the User Experience for its loyal fans.
Needing a fast, frictionless checkout, the Merchant partnered with PayPal to create a new user experience that eliminated unnecessary steps during checkout – something that more than 281M PayPal consumers have grown to expect. Without missing a beat, the global powerhouse performed comprehensive A/B testing to validate increases in conversion, average order value, and revenue for ticket purchases with PayPal.
Within a week of launching the updated user experience, the positive impact on PayPal conversion rates was immediately apparent. PayPal conversions skyrocketed by 44.5% with optimized exposure in the checkout flow*, the most significant delta increase of any payment method in the optimization effort. Simply increasing exposure of the PayPal button gave this entertainment Merchant showstopping success. “This can be attributed in large part to the efforts of our PayPal partnership,” enthused the Merchant’s Product Manager.
After optimizing PayPal presentment, the entertainment company saw:
44.5% Increase PayPal Conversion Rates*
0.4% Growth in Revenue per Session*
*The results in the case study are not necessarily representative of results for all businesses.

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