PayPal acquires VeriSign Payment Services

We’re pleased to announce that PayPal has completed the acquisition of VeriSign Payment Services*.

By adding VeriSign Payment Services’ industry-leading tools—such as Payflow Link and Payflow Pro—to PayPal’s suite of payment solutions, we’re now able to offer online merchants even more choices for their businesses. PayPal is already planning new feature enhancements for these solutions to ensure that our products continue to deliver premier performance for our customers.

PayPal intends to operate VeriSign Payment Services as a standalone business. Current VeriSign Payment Services merchants will not experience significant changes to their service—it will function as it does now. Plus, the customer support team behind VeriSign Payment Services’ products will continue to support our merchants, meaning they will enjoy the same secure, reliable payment service they’ve come to expect.

Moving forward, all of us here at VeriSign Payment Services and PayPal are thrilled to provide you with the best payment solutions in the industry.


Trevor Healy
Vice President & General Manager
VeriSign Payment Services

Stephanie Tilenius
Vice President & General Manager
PayPal Merchant Services

*VeriSign Payment Services (including Payflow Link and Payflow Pro) will be integrated with PayPal's suite of web payment tools to form the e-commerce industry’s most comprehensive web payment offering. The VeriSign Payment Services are no longer operated by, or affiliated with, VeriSign, Inc. Use of the VeriSign name and logo is temporary and with the permission of VeriSign, Inc.

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