File Format

You must create a tab-delimited file containing your recipients’ information to send a Mass Payment file. A tab-delimited file can be generated from most spreadsheet applications, such as Excel.

In the first column, enter your recipients’ email addresses. In the second column, enter the payment amounts for each recipient. In the third column, input the three-letter currency code for the currency of the payment (only one currency type is allowed for each Mass Payment file):

  • EUR for Euro
  • USD for U.S. Dollar
  • GBP for British Pound
  • CAD for Canadian Dollar
  • JPY for Japanese Yen
  • AUD for Australian Dollar
  • NZD for New Zealand Dollar
  • CHF for Swiss Franc
  • HKD for Hong Kong Dollar
  • SGD for Singapore Dollar
  • SEK for Swedish Krona
  • DKK for Danish Krone
  • PLN for Polish Zloty
  • NOK for Norwegian Krone
  • HUF for Hungarian Forint
  • CZK for Czech Koruna
  • ILS for Israeli New Shekel
  • MXN for Mexican Peso
  • BRL for Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
  • MYR for Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members)
  • PHP for Philippine Peso
  • THB for Thai Baht
  • TRY for Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members)
  • TWD for New Taiwan Dollar
  • INR for Indian Rupee (only for Indian members)
  • RUB for Russian Ruble
An optional fourth column lets you enter a unique identifier for each customer for easier overall record-keeping. Businesses often identify their customers using unique identifiers. The unique identifier must be equal to or less than 30 characters, and must not contain any spaces. Examples of name format: Pitel,John; John_Pitel; JohnPitel.

You may enter customized notes for payment recipients in a fifth column.

Here's a sample tab-delimited file:

Mass Payment Tips:

  • To generate a Mass Payment file from Excel, save the file as "Text (tab-delimited)." If you are using another software application, make sure the program you are using allows you to save in tab-delimited format.
  • Individual payments to your recipients cannot exceed $10,000.00 USD, £5,550.00 GBP, €8,000.00 EUR, ¥1,000,000 JPY, $12,500.00 AUD, R$20,000.00 BRL (only for Brazilian members), $12,500.00 CAD, 13,000.00 CHF, 240,000.00 CZK, 60,000.00 DKK, 2,000,000 HUF, $80,000.00 HKD, ₹460,000.00 INR (only for Indian members), ₪40,000.00 ILS, $110,000.00 MXN, RM40,000.00 MYR (only for Malaysian members), 70,000.00 NOK, $15,000.00 NZD, P500,000.00 PHP, 32,000.00 PLN, 80,000.00 SEK, $16,000.00 SGD, ฿360,000.00 THB, 15,000.00 TRY (only for Turkish members), 310,000.00 RUB or NT$330,000 TWD.
  • Enter the three-letter currency code you are sending the payment in, such as AUD for Australian Dollar; BRL for Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members); CAD for Canadian Dollar; CHF for Swiss Franc; CZK for Czech Koruna; DKK for Danish Krone; EUR for Euro; Dollar; GBP for Pound Sterling; HUF for Hungarian Forint; HKD for Hong Kong Dollar; INR for Indian Rupee (only for Indian members); ILS for Israeli New Shekel; JPY for Japanese Yen; MYR for Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members); MXN for Mexican Peso; NOK for Norwegian Krone; NZD for New Zealand Dollar; PHP for Philippine Peso; PLN for Polish Zloty; SEK for Swedish Krona; SGD for Singapore Dollar; THB for Thai Baht; TRY for Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members); TWD for New Taiwan Dollar; RUB for Russian Ruble or USD for U.S. Dollar.
  • Mass payments from Malaysian buyers to Malaysian sellers can only be made in MYR. Malaysian buyers can send mass payments in any currency to non-Malaysian sellers.
  • Mass payments to and from Indian buyers and Indian sellers can only be made in Indian Rupee (INR). Indian buyers or sellers can send mass payments in other currencies to non-Indian sellers.
  • Payments in different currencies cannot be included in the same Mass Payment file. Create separate Mass Payment files for each currency you wish to send.
  • Each line should be separated by a carriage return. (In Excel, this is done automatically.)