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Big on education,
low on pain points.

Streamline your higher-education payment operations:

  • Ease your administrative tasks to reduce your overhead.
  • Give students, parents, and alumni a choice of payment processing options.
  • Collect payments for tuition and fees, merchandise, dues, and services.
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Big on education, low on pain points.

Simplified payment processing

Simplified payment processing

Avoid the hidden fees often involved in payment processing, and take advantage of our low transaction rates. You can save time by eliminating the manual tasks of processing credit card numbers, and collecting, transferring, and depositing checks and cash. Plus, you can verify accounts and funds quickly to help gate keep expired credit cards and insufficient funds.

More payment options

Make it easy for students, parents, and alumni to pay for goods, services, and fundraising activities. They can choose whether to pay with PayPal account balances, bank transfers, debit cards, major credit cards, or e-checks – all from one easy-to-add PayPal button.

More payment options
Reduced risk

Reduced risk

Relieve your school and student organizations of the responsibility and risk of storing financial information – PayPal does it for you. PayPal is a leader in online payment security, using state-of-the-art technology to help protect the financial information of payers and to relieve you of the burden of complying with PCI standards.

Better fundraising

If your school, alumni association, or student organization depends on donations, use PayPal to capture more contributions at a lower cost. You can set up recurring payments for donors who wish to make monthly contributions if you use one of the following PayPal products: Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro, or Payflow Gateway.

Better fundraising

Schools and school systems

Let parents and students pay online while maintaining compliance with government regulations for cash handling.

Student organizations

Make sure payments for membership fees, fundraising activities, and other programs are tracked and get into the right hands.

Alumni associations

Offer convenient payment options to make it easier for alumni to make donations and pay for fundraising activities, club memberships, workshops, events, and more.

Education partners

Our partners offer a range of solutions and support to meet your specific needs. Find the PayPal education partner that's right for you.

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