Tap into the fastest-growing mobile segment: tablets

If your mobile strategy is limited to smartphones, you're missing a huge opportunity for more sales

Two recent studies on tablet trends show just how big the opportunity is. According to a 2012 comScore study, smartphone adoption grew by 52% in 2011 – while tablet use grew by 216%.1 And 62% of tablet owners make purchases on their devices, compared to just 50% of smartphone users.2 Meanwhile, a PayPal study conducted with Ipsos in 2011 found that 60% of tablet owners say they make mobile purchases more frequently now that they own a tablet.3

Tablet trends that matter

What are the lessons for companies wanting to refine mobile strategy to maximize sales?

  • Tablet ownership clearly increases mobile purchases.
  • Some tablet owners still prefer to make final purchases via smartphone.
  • Some consumers also prefer smartphones to tablets for scanning coupons or QR codes, mobile shopping in public, and other m-commerce tasks. This is probably due to the smartphone's greater portability and privacy.

Getting to know the mobile market

According to the PayPal-Ipsos study:

  • Consumers who own both a tablet and a smartphone were significantly more likely (63%) to indicate increased overall mobile spending than owners of smartphones only (29%).
  • More than 40% of these dual owners made more than 20 mobile purchases over the past year, compared to only 12% of smartphone-only consumers.
  • Dual owners complete mobile purchases nearly twice as often as those who own only smartphones.
  • Tablet owners cite the device's larger screen and keyboard, and its touchscreen capabilities, as the main reasons for a better shopping experience.

Reach out to dual device owners

Make more sales by creating tailored shopping experiences for both smartphone and tablet users. PayPal can help. Find out how.

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  • 3 These findings are based on an Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of PayPal in August 2011. The study was conducted among 1,283 U.S. users age 18 and over who own smartphones and/or tablet PCs, and who have completed or attempted a purchase via mobile device, or intend to in the future.

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