Pay with PayPal at The Home Depot

Shaping the future of in-store payments

Customers want flexible payment options wherever they are – online, on their mobile phones, or in stores. Mobile purchasing has seen tremendous growth, but what about the majority of purchases that are still made the good old fashioned way – in person? In early 2012, PayPal addressed this piece of the retail pie with a new way to use PayPal in stores – specifically, at 2,000 Home Depot locations across the US. And more retailers are coming on board soon.

Two ways to pay with PayPal in stores

For the first time, customers can choose PayPal as an in-store checkout option. No cash, check, card, or phone needed. Customers activate their PayPal account to use in stores, then simply pay at the register by typing in a mobile number and PIN (or, alternately, swiping a PayPal payment card and entering a PIN). An electronic sales receipt is quickly sent to the customer’s email.

A win-win transaction

Customers appreciate the convenience of an in-store PayPal option for all the reasons they choose to pay with PayPal online – one simple, secure account for all payment options and purchases. And by offering PayPal in stores, The Home Depot increases its appeal for the 110 million active users who prefer to pay with PayPal.

See how Home Depot and PayPal are making it easy to pay – online, via mobile, and now in stores.

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