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Whether it is making a child’s day, protecting animals, or fundraising for a campaign, people use PayPal to support the causes they care about millions of times a year. Their individual stories inspire us to do more good too.

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PayPal and eBay Users Saving Animals a Dollar at a Time

When Alana Miller adopted a blind kitten, little did she know how much it would change her life, and the lives of dozens of other cats like Louie. Now Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary gives these animals the dignity and comfort of a loving home.

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Karen Klein and Max Sidorov: Paying it Forward to Stop Bullying

When Max Sidorov saw a video of middle-school students bullying bus monitor Karen Klein, he was moved to help her – and ended up raising $703,000. With those donations Klein and Sidorov founded 7 Million Acts of Love, a charity focused on addressing the root causes of bullying and other violence.

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Online Gamers Raise $1 million for Save the Children

Online gamer “Athene” used his notoriety to raised $1 million in 100 days for Save the Children through Operation ShareCraft: “Gamers love to compete, and we harnessed that.”

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