PayPal Shipping Center

Simplify Your Shipping With PayPal

PayPal offers a free, convenient and easy way to take care of your shipping needs with a variety of helpful shipping tools - with no hidden fees.

After you receive a payment, click the Print Shipping Label button on your Account Overview or History page to access the shipping tools.

With PayPal Shipping You Can:
  • Create postage-paid shipping labels in just minutes
  • Pay for shipping and insurance with your PayPal account, with no monthly fees or surcharges
  • Create and print a pre-filled packing slip, detailing what you are shipping to your buyer
  • Ship internationally with PayPal-provided Customs forms
  • Track and confirm the arrival of your shipments with delivery confirmation
  • Void your shipping label and get a refund for misprinted labels canceled within 24 hours
  • Print multiple U.S. Postal Service labels at once with MultiOrder Shipping
PayPal's Shipping Partners

PayPal has teamed up with the U.S. Postal Service, Canada Post, Royal Mail Group and UPS to provide integrated shipping tools. When you're ready to ship your items, you can select the carrier that's right for you.

Simplify your shipping. Sign up for PayPal today.