Helping you resolve cases.

Cases can happen to any seller. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to respond.

Understanding disputes, claims, and chargebacks.

If something goes wrong with an order, a customer may open a case. Common types of cases are disputes and claims, which are filed with PayPal, and chargebacks, which are filed with the card issuer. All cases result in a temporary hold on transaction funds, so the best approach is to respond quickly.

Disputes filed with PayPal

Tips for positive communication.

Cases can happen to any seller, and handling them well can go a long way toward keeping customers happy. Here are a few tips for communicating effectively throughout the process.

Assume the best.

Begin conversations with an open mind and listen patiently. Many problems result from miscommunication or a simple human error, and this
is your opportunity to clear them up.

Stay focused on solutions.

Take a proactive, friendly approach to resolving the issue and resist the temptation to let communications become negative as this can make coming to an agreement harder.

Be constructive.

Let your customer know you want to find a resolution – they likely want the same thing. Showing mutual respect can help set the stage for a positive and productive conversation.

Think long term.

Give your customer a break today and you could open the door to more opportunities tomorrow.

Minimize your losses with Seller Protection

See if your sales are eligible for Seller Protection, which comes included with your PayPal account. If you meet all the requirements,* PayPal can help you protect your online sales and minimize losses due to claims and chargebacks at no extra cost.

*Limits apply.