PayPal Purchase Protection.

With PayPal, you’re protected from checkout to delivery. We spot problems before they happen with the latest anti-fraud technology. Your financial info is never given away to sellers. And if something goes wrong with your order, your eligible transactions will be fully reimbursed.

Purchase Protection covers all your online purchases, on eBay or on any other website, when you use PayPal. It also covers you when you make a payment on our website. You must open a dispute within 180 days of your purchase or payment to initiate the Purchase Protection process. Finally, your account must be in good standing with us to get Purchase Protection.

Purchase Protection does not cover certain kinds of purchases. These include: digital goods (intangible items), services, real estate, motorized vehicles (of any kind), custom made items, travel tickets, industrial machinery (for manufacturing), prepaid cards, or items that violate our policies or eBay’s policies (stuff that’s usually prohibited by law anyway). Purchase Protection also does not cover items that you purchase in person, or money you send to friends and family.

You're Protected if:

1. Your order never arrives

All you have to do is log in to your account and open a dispute to get the refund process started. And if you made the purchase on eBay, start here instead.

Your order arrives, but it's significantly different than it was described

There are a variety of scenarios that meet this condition, for instance:

  1. You received a completely different item.
    Example: You purchased a book, but received a DVD.
  2. The item is missing parts or features, and this was not disclosed.
    Example: The listing said batteries included - but they weren't.
  3. You purchased a specific quantity of an item - but received the wrong amount.
    Example: You purchased five pairs of fuzzy dice, but only received four.
  4. The item was damaged en route to its destination.
    Example: You bought a beautiful antique lamp - and it arrived in pieces.
  5. You received a counterfeit version of the item.
    Example: You purchased a Rolex but received a Faux-Lex.

You were charged for something you didn't purchase, and you report it immediately

This may mean someone has used your PayPal account without authorization. As long as you report it within 60 days, PayPal will launch an investigation and you will be covered by our $0 Liability for Eligible Unauthorized Transactions program.

We hope you understand that in the event of an unauthorized transaction, we may have to temporarily freeze your account until we know exactly what happened.

PayPal User Agreement

Most of the eligibility requirements for Purchase Protection are written above. However, if you still have questions, you can review more about Purchase Protection in our User Agreement.