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Braintree's GraphQL API (a PayPal service) has allowed us to remove extra steps in our payment flow, which previously impacted performance. Our system has been able to handle major spikes, like our back to school sale, without any significant downtime or user interruption. This is crucial to the success of our business, enabling teachers to reliably and confidently access the resources they need at the moment they need them.

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Teachers Pay Teachers

Report: Adjusting to today's digital realities

PayPal and IDC investigate the digital transformation and the need of having a vendor platform that allows digital and contactless payments, such as QR codes.

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Discover how we make it easy to reach a global client base with the ability to localize your checkout experience with little to no additional code.

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Case study: How to scale your payments system to meet a volume surge

Learn how Fandango integrated our suite of tools to help them quickly scale for huge surges in volume. The ease and choice with which users can pay removes purchasing barriers while streamlining secure operations for Fandango.

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