Meet a debit card designed for your PayPal balance.

The PayPal Cash Mastercard® lets you easily use the money in your PayPal account. Make purchases in-store or online, everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Enjoy withdrawals at no cost from over 25,000 MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide.1 Add money to your PayPal account any time by check, cash, or direct deposit. All with no annual or monthly fees, or minimum balance requirement.

The PayPal Cash Card is not a credit card, so no credit check is required.

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It’s easy to add money to your PayPal account.

Your PayPal Cash Card is tied to your PayPal account, so it’s important to make sure you have money available in your account to access.

Direct Deposit

Set up direct deposit, at no cost, with your employer or government benefits provider to automatically fund your PayPal account.

Terms apply.

Cash a Check

Add check funds to your PayPal account within minutes.2 Use the PayPal app to cash checks with the camera on your smartphone.

Cash Loads

Generate a barcode via the PayPal app3 to add cash4 to your PayPal account at one of 20,000 CVS, 7-Eleven, or Rite Aid locations nationwide.

Learn more here.

Bank Transfer

Transfer funds from your bank account directly to your PayPal account.

Save today, and invest for the future.

Organize your money with Goals

It's easy to set aside money for the things you care about with PayPal's new Goals feature. Start by identifying a new savings goal – for a new car, a future trip, or simply for emergencies. Then, decide how much money to save. You can create and customize as many Goals as you want, at no cost.

Terms apply.

Invest with Acorns

PayPal has partnered with Acorns to make investing easy. Set up an Acorns investment account from your PayPal account in minutes, and automatically transfer even small amounts of money. Get started with as little as $5, and track your Acorns investments right from PayPal.

Say goodbye to hidden fees.

Stay in the know with all the fees that apply to the PayPal Cash Card and related account features.

$2.50 ATM Domestic & International Withdrawal Fee

At non-MoneyPass ATMs1

$3.00 Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee

2.5% Foreign Transaction Fee

Up to $3.95 PayPal Cash Load Service Fee4

$0 for Money in 10 days Cash a Check Fee

For Money in Minutes, 1% fee on payroll or government checks with preprinted signatures, or 5% fee on other checks.5 $5 minimum fee applies.

$1 monthly Acorns Fee

for account balances under $5K.
0.25% per year, charged monthly, for account balances over $5K.

$0 PayPal Cash Card purchase price

$0 Annual or monthly fees with the PayPal Cash Card

$0 Cash access at more than 25,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide

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Move and manage your money on the go.

Use the PayPal mobile app to view your PayPal Cash Card transactions, check your account balance, load cash into your account, set notifications, and more.3 Don’t have the PayPal app? Download it at no cost.

Finally, a debit card that gets your PayPal account.

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