Pay with your uChoose Rewards®

Make the smart choice. Shop at millions of online stores and redeem your rewards1 when you check out with PayPal.2
Link Your uChoose Rewards Card


Get started by linking
your card.


Log into your account with PayPal.


Click Link a card or bank then select Link a debit or credit card.


Enter your eligible card information then tap Link card.

Once linked, you'll see your available reward balance and an option to use your uChoose Rewards® affiliated debit or credit card for eligible purchases when you check out with PayPal.1

Card is linked but don’t see your rewards? Verify your Pay with Rewards sharing preferences setting is enabled.

  • If you change your mind, click Details on your card page, then Stop Using uChoose Rewards® with PayPal.
  • 1You may not see Pay with Rewards every time you check out online with a merchant. Not currently available for sending money, recurring payments, and in-store transactions. Pay with Rewards will be available for eligible credit cards on eligible purchases or can be donated to support a charitable cause with PayPal Giving Fund. All reward redemptions are subject to your issuer's reward program terms. To learn more about Pay with Rewards, see terms and conditions.

  • 2When using points at checkout, each point is worth $0.009, which means that 100 points equals $0.90 in redemption value.

  • uChoose Rewards is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

  • To learn more about uChoose Rewards log in to the uChoose Rewards website and click on the 'FAQs' link.