Now you can pay in-person at Foot Locker Inc, stores with PayPal and Venmo

Great news! Now, you can use the PayPal or Venmo app to make a QR code payment in-store at Foot Locker Inc, stores. It’s a safe, secure and convenient way to pay.

Check out in 3 easy steps

1. Scan

Open your PayPal or Venmo
app, tap the QR code icon,
then Show to Pay and Scan
the QR code.

2. Pay

Confirm payment if prompted.

3. Go

Receive your payment
and you’re
good to go.

Open or download the PayPal or Venmo app to get started

Get PayPal

Get Venmo

Here’s why you should pay in person with PayPal or Venmo

Shopping at businesses that accept PayPal and Venmo in-store payments is quick and easy.

It’s safe

The only thing you touch is
your own phone.

It’s secure

Your full financial info is securely
hidden during PayPal and QR
code transactions.

It’s convenient

Choose how you pay — from
your balance, debit card,
credit card or PayPal Credit.