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Changes to our PayPal Purchase Protection

Who needs to know about this change?

Sellers who provide services or digital and intangible goods.

What you can do?

Read the change outlined on this page to understand how it impacts you and what you may need to do differently.

Why it matters?

More purchase protection for your buyers could mean more confident buyers.

What do I need to know about expanded Purchase Protection?

We’re extending our purchase protection to cover intangibles (services, digital goods, travel, event tickets and other intangible items). Beginning with transactions that take place on July 1, 2015 and after, we’ll review buyer disputes regarding intangible items where the customer claims they have not received the item or service, or if the service or goods are not as described.

  1. You should be prepared to provide compelling evidence that you provided the intangible item, and it was as you described it to be, should a buyer dispute a transaction. This compelling evidence could vary depending on the type of goods or services provided. Please refer to the User Agreement Policy Updates for more information.
  2. Purchases by buyers of most items can be covered except real estate, businesses, vehicles, custom-made items, industrial machinery, items equivalent to cash and items prohibited by PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy or that violate eBay’s prohibited or restricted items policy.
  3. We expect your business will be able to benefit for this change too because of the confidence buyers may have when shopping for intangible items.
  4. As always, PayPal will consider all claims on their merits. If, as a seller, you can provide evidence that you did provide the goods or services as described, we may reject the buyer’s claim.
What do I need to do?
  1. Be prepared to provide PayPal with ‘compelling evidence’ to prove that you provided the intangible item and that it was as you described it to be (just as you do for tangible items).
  2. For example, if you sold a music download, you might consider providing proof that you sent the buyer the link to the download and proof that they buyer accessed the download, giving dates and times (illustrative example only).

For more detailed terms and conditions related to this change, please see our revised Buyer Protection Program in our User Agreement Policy Updates.