Managing Authorizations

By default, your BigCommerce integration is set to authorize and capture payments at the same time. Depending on your business model, you may wish to authorize the transaction and submit for settlement (or capture) at a later time. You can adjust this setting in the BigCommerce control panel after you've completed your full application and been approved.

If you do choose to delay capture, it's important to note that all authorizations eventually expire, and the expiration time frames differ by payment type (details below). You'll need to capture funds manually before the authorization expires. For information on how to do this, look here.

Authorization expiration time frames

PayPal authorizations

After a successful authorization, PayPal will honor 100% of authorized funds for 3 days. However, PayPal will not allow you to capture funds if your customer's account is restricted or locked, or if your account has a high restriction level.

You can still attempt to capture funds for up to 29 days after a successful authorization, but PayPal can't ensure that 100% of the funds will be available after the 3-day honor period. After 29 days, the transaction will appear as Authorization Expired in the Braintree gateway.

For more details on PayPal authorizations, see PayPal's article on Authorization & Capture.

The best approach for shipped goods is to authorize and submit for settlement at the same time. As long as you pass a properly-formatted shipping address with the transaction and meet PayPal's Seller Protection requirements, you'll be protected from chargebacks. You can learn more about Seller Protection here and check out a detailed FAQ here.

Credit card authorizations

American Express authorizations will be marked as expired after 7 days. Visa and MasterCard authorizations will be marked as expired after 10 days. All other authorizations will be marked as expired after 30 days.

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