How do I integrate Checkout with Zen Cart?

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Zen Cart admin panel.
  2. Select Modules > Payment.
  3. Select the PayPal Express Checkout module, then click Install if it's not currently installed.
  4. Configure the following settings:
  • Enable Express Checkout Module - Set to True.
  • Payment Zone - Select the zone you prefer, or keep the default setting of None for no sales restrictions.
  • Express Checkout Shortcut Button - Select On.
  • Payment Action - Select either Final Sale or Auth Only.
  • Transaction Currency - Select either Selected Currency or a specific Only xxx option.
  • PayPal API Signature - Enter your PayPal credentials into the appropriate API Username, API Password and API Signature fields.
  • PayPal Merchant ID - Enter your PayPal Merchant ID.
  • PayPal Mode - Select PayPal.
  • Use InContext Checkout - Select InContext.
  • PayPal Mode - Set to Live.
  • Review additional options.
  • Click Update.

You may also want to review complete integration steps for Checkout with Zen Cart.

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