How do I integrate PayPal Payments Standard with Zen Cart?

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Zen Cart admin panel.
  2. Select Modules > Payment.
  3. Select PayPal Payments Standard , then click Install if it's not currently installed.
  4. Configure these fields to complete the integration of PayPal Payments Standard:
  • Enable PayPal Module - Set to True.
  • Business ID - Enter your PayPal email account.
  • PDT Token - Copy and paste your PDT Token from your PayPal account. See How do I request a token for PDT?
  • Transaction Currency - Set to Selected Currency or a specific Only xxx option.
  • Detailed Line Items in Cart - Set to Yes (recommended).
  • Live or Sandbox - Set to Live.
  • Review additional options.
  • Click Update.

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