I’m using the Cash a Check service in the PayPal app and my check wasn’t approved. Why?

All checks submitted are subject to review for approval by Ingo Money, and most of the checks reviewed are approved. There are times when we are unable to approve a check due to inconsistencies in check images, limit-related issues, insufficient check verification data, or information about the check writer’s account. Unfortunately, we can’t always tell you exactly why a check is declined because privacy regulations prevent us from sharing a check writer’s account information with you.

Below are some examples of reasons we may decline a check:

  • The name on the check doesn’t match your name, as it appears on your PayPal Cash Plus account.
  • The check wasn’t endorsed.
  • The amount of the check is less than $5 or more than $5,000, which are the check cashing limits set by Ingo Money.
  • The amount of the check will cause you to exceed the daily, weekly or monthly funding limits for your PayPal Cash Plus account.
  • The amount of the check will cause you to exceed the Cash a Check limits. You may use this service to cash checks ranging in value from a minimum of $5 to a maximum of $5,000. You can load multiple checks totaling up to $5,000 in value per day and up to $15,000 in value per month.
  • The check images are illegible or do not pass authenticity screening.
  • The check is a single-party check (drawn on another account you own), a temporary check, a credit card check or another unusual check type we don’t support.
  • A properly voided image of the check was not received.
  • Sufficient information could not be verified on the check writer’s account.
  • The check was written on a closed or compromised account.

If your check is declined, you’ll be notified in the PayPal app, by push notification (if you have enabled this service on your mobile device) and by email. Your PayPal Cash Plus account will not be credited, and no fee will be assessed. You may attempt to deposit or cash your check with another service provider, or alternatively contact the check writer and request a new check or a different method of payment.

Please note that our emails will contain both PayPal and Venmo logos and are therefore legitimate emails.