How do I file a claim on a PayPal debit card transaction?

If the item you received is not as described, you did not receive the item you purchased, you see a problem with the transaction or you believe the transaction is unauthorized you can report it to us in our Resolution Center within 60 days of when it appeared on your account statement. During our investigation, if we determine the activity was unauthorized after our investigation, you'll be 100% protected.

Before notifying us, please double-check to be sure that the transaction is not a purchase that you may have forgotten about, like a recurring payment for a magazine subscription.

Here are the steps to file a claim in the Resolution Center:

  1. Click Activity.
  2. Click the payment you wish to dispute.
  3. Click Report a problem in the middle of the page
  4. You will then be guided through filing a dispute.
After you file your claim, we'll investigate it and if we determine that we need additional information to continue the review, we'll notify you by email. If no further information is needed, we'll notify you of the outcome.