Getting support for gift card purchases from PayPal Gifts

I didn’t receive the email from PayPal Gifts with my code. What should I do?
Gift cards are usually delivered by email within a few hours. When delivery’s been made, we’ll send you an email.
For your protection, delivery may take longer than usual. This can happen when you’ve placed your first order with PayPal Gifts, or you used a new payment method, or your order was for a large quantity or amount. Typically, deliver is made within four hours. In rare cases, delivery may take up to 24 hours when we need more time to complete our review.
If you haven’t received an email from us after 24 hours, check your spam/junk mail folder before contacting our customer service team (see below).

I recently bought a gift card. Where can I find the proof of purchase?
The email you receive from PayPal with the subject line “Receipt for your payment to PayPal Gifts” serves as your proof of purchase. This information is also available in your PayPal account under Activity.

How can I contact you about a gift card order?
Here’s how to contact our customer service team, based on where you made your purchase and how you paid:

Where you made                     How you paid for                        How to contact us
your purchase                          your purchase                                   Paid with PayPal                             Email
                                                                                                          1-877-569-1148 (within US)
                                                                                                          or 1-402-935-2177 (outside US)*

Facebook                                Did not pay with PayPal                   Send a message to us via Facebook 
Marketplace                                                                                     (see instructions below)
                                                 Paid with PayPal                              Email
                                                                                                          1-877-569-1148 (within US) 
                                                                                                          or 1-402-935-2177 (outside US)*

*International call charges may apply

How do I send a message to you via Facebook?
Follow these steps to contact us via the Facebook App or website:

  1. Select Settings & Privacy (Facebook App only)
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Payments
  4. In Payment History, select the order you're enquiring about (you may need to select 'See all' on the app if the order you're enquiring about isn't visible)
  5. Select Get Help With Your Order / Contact Seller For Help
  6. Provide as much detail in your message as possible
Our team will get back to you via Facebook

What are your customer service hours?
6:00 AM PT to 6:00 PM PT Monday through Friday.
Hours of operation may vary on holidays.