How do I integrate Payments Pro with Angell EYE for WooCommerce?

Disclaimer: This integration requires you to download and install a payment module before proceeding. You should also back up your site to ensure a safe recovery path in case installation issues arise. PayPal strongly recommends that a qualified network or systems admin install the module, to protect against site instability or other adverse impacts.

Angell EYE is a free module for WooCommerce that supports Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro, and PayPal Payflow Pro. This module must be installed in your WooCommerce store before you integrate your PayPal Payflow Pro payment solution, and is available as a plugin application.

Here's how to integrate Angell EYE with PayPal Payments Pro:
  1. Log in to your WooCommerce admin panel.
  2. Select WooCommerce > Settings.
  3. On the Settings dialog select Checkout > PayPal Website Payments Pro (DoDirectPayment).
  4. Complete the following tasks to cover the minimum requirements for PayPal Payments Pro integration.
  • Enable/Disable - Check the Enable PayPal Pro box.
  • Title - Set the Title as you want it to appear to buyers for this payment method.
  • Description - Enter an Extended Description in the Description field, or keep the default value.
  • Test Mode - Don't click the Test Mode box unless you're integrating using Sandbox API values.
  • Live API Username - Enter your Live API Username. Payment Action -
  • Live API Password - Enter your Live API Password.
  • Live API Signature - Enter your Live API Signature.
  • Payment Action - Select Sale to capture funds immediately when an order is placed, or Authorization if you want to authorize payment without capturing funds.
  • Send Item Details - Click the box if you want to send line item details to PayPal.
  1. Review additional options not covered in the previous steps.
  2. Click Save.

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