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Before June 30th, 2018 PayPal is requiring all account users to update their browsers to remain compliant with new security standards. You will not be able to access your PayPal account after June 30th if your browser isn’t updated. Learn how to upgrade your browser.

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What if I want to set my PayPal Cashback Mastercard account as my preferred payment method within my PayPal account?

When you apply, you’ll be asked if you’d like to set your new PayPal Cashback Mastercard account as your preferred payment method for your PayPal account.

To set your PayPal Cashback Mastercard as your preferred payment method after you’ve been approved, click Wallet at the top of your PayPal account summary page. Select your PayPal Mastercard from the options on the left, then click the star icon to make it your preferred payment when paying online.

Note: If your application is placed in a pending status for review, and subsequently approved you will need to go into your PayPal account settings by logging in to your PayPal account to set your PayPal Mastercard as your preferred payment method. 
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