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Venmo checkout experience

How will I know when my customers can use the new Venmo experience?
You will receive an email notification when your integration has been included in the Venmo rollout. 
Do customers need to have both a PayPal and a Venmo account to pay with Venmo on my site? 
No, your customers will only need an active Venmo account and have the Venmo app installed on their mobile device in order to checkout with Venmo through the PayPal integration on your site. Customers do not need a PayPal account. 
What will happen if a customer is declined using Venmo? 
If Venmo declines the transaction, the user will be prompted to complete their purchase using PayPal. 
If my customers have One Touch enabled, will they be able to pay with Venmo?
If your customer has enabled One Touch, they will initially bypass the Venmo option, but will have the opportunity to switch to Venmo during the checkout flow. 
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