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How do I turn off receipt notifications within Facebook Messenger?

Our new Facebook Messenger feature allows customers to use PayPal as a payment option across Facebook's commerce platforms. When using this feature you will receive a receipt notification when sending a payment. You can also opt in to receive payment receipts through Facebook Messenger when checking out online, if your PayPal and Facebook accounts have been linked.

1. Here's how to turn off these receipt notifications within Facebook Messenger.
2. Tap Manage in the upper right corner of the app conversation with PayPal.

3. Click Manage Messages.
4. Toggle "Notificaitons" to off.

Choosing "Turn Off All Messages" or deleting the conversation within Messenger will also help prevent receipt notifications.

Will opting into or out of this feature change whether or not I receive other notifications from PayPal by email, push notifications or text messages?
Opting into or out of this feature will not impact any notifications that you receive from Paypal directly. It only adds receipt notifications to Facebook Messenger.
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