your checkout to help drive revenue.

Customer preferences and financial forecasts are changing fast. Rethinking your checkout can help you quickly adapt and thrive in any economy.


Remove friction

to reconnect with customers.

To win customers’ business, you need to win their hearts. Discover 10 practical tips to reimagine your checkout, deepen your customer connections, and help drive conversion and loyalty.


Rethink growth in the new economy.

Growth doesn’t have to mean growing pains. With the right payment methods in your checkout flow, a world of new customers awaits.

PayPal Checkout

Access 430+ million active global PayPal accounts and leverage our trusted reputation to help boost conversion and loyalty.

PayPal Pay Later

Encourage sales and help increase average order value when you offer the most popular buy now, pay later solution.2


Reach younger, more affluent audiences and help boost conversion and average order value with this easy-to-use payment method.

Upstream presentment of PayPal can help increase merchant NPS by 10 pts.​1

Merchants saw an additional 12% lift in sales after 6 months when adding Pay Later upstream messaging.3

19% more Pay with Venmo users complete their online purchases compared to traditional payment users.4


Leverage the

full power of Pay Later.

Letting customers know early in the process that you offer PayPal Pay Later could help you build trust, drive conversion, and boost loyalty. Learn how easy it is to implement dynamic promotional messaging.

Ready to reimagine your checkout?

Need tips for optimizing your checkout? Interested in turning on PayPal solutions? Our team of experts is always here to help grow your business.