Optimize payment processing

Leverage our platform to increase authorization rates and capture lost revenue opportunities.

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Increase authorization rates

Ensure legitimate transactions are approved to help boost revenue.

Decrease false declines

Help capture sales from legitimate customers that would have previously been declined.

Improve customer experience

A smooth and convenient payment experience can help to create loyal and satisfied customers.

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Reduce checkout friction

Keep payment data up to date to simplify the checkout experience for your customers.

Limit false declines

Risk algorithms and machine-learning models help mitigate fraud and ease friction for legitimate transactions simultaneously.

Boost approval rates

Ensure legitimate transactions are approved fast, at a high rate, and more often on the first attempt.2

Tailor your approach based on data

Analyze reasons for decline and lean on our 20+ years of industry expertise to test and pivot your approach.

Leverage our global payments ecosystem

Our deep relationships with banks, card networks, and other financial institutions provide insights that power our optimization strategies.

PayPal has shown a 30% improvement in failed payments compared to the incumbent payment option.

Julian Rockwood

Senior Product Manager

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Are you maximizing your revenue potential?

To help maximize revenue, you must optimize payments on the frontend and the backend.

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Infographic: How to save lost revenue at every stage of the buyer journey

Learn how to eliminate the hidden revenue killers that lurk at every stage of the buyer journey.

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Video: Maximize your revenue potential

Learn how optimizing your backend payments processing setup can help you grow revenue.

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Jim Magats

Senior Vice President, OmniPayments, PayPal

“Businesses have typically had to choose between boosting approval rates and managing risk. PayPal has been able to help give businesses the best of both worlds: drive higher authorization rates and strong fraud mitigation, without creating friction for their customers."

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1 2016 LexisNexis® True Cost of Fraud Study

2 PayPal Internal Data. June 2019. Methodology: Benchmarked against MasterCard auth data set for the month of June 2019. There is no de-duplication for any of the numbers (removing duplicates will give us higher auth rates in the range of 95%+)

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